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Specialty Physical Therapy Programs


Private Exercise Sessions

Our private workout room is equipped with a pilates reformer, stairclimber, stationary bike, free weights, fitness balls and free motion weight machines. Sessions are led by one of our physical therapists who will emphasize injury prevention and program effectiveness. Whether you’re looking to learn a few stretches, lose weight or want to make sure that you are correctly and safely performing the exercises in your existing program, you have come to the right place.

Senior Fitness Programs

Based on your goals and abilities, our programs can be customized to your specific needs. All fitness programs will enhance your longevity, health, energy and vitality.

Fall Prevention and Balance Training

The exercises in this program are based on extensive research and provide results. The program improves strength, enhances static and dynamic balance, improves stability and flexibility and enhances joint range of motion. Participants reduce their risk of falling and injury and experience improved independence.

Sport Specific Training for Ageless Athletes

Whether your favorite activity is tennis, golf or bicycling, our programs will identify the imbalances of the specific muscles used in your favorite activity, and through therapeutic treatments and exercises, the tight muscles will be stretched and the weak muscles will be strengthened, thereby enhancing one’s game, minimizing pain and reducing injury.

Senior Fitness Testing

Your current fitness level is like a vital sign, just like your heart rate and blood pressure. Our tests assess your strengths and weaknesses and provide data that will help you select a class that meets your fitness and lifestyle goals. The senior fitness test is safe, and meets scientific standards for reliability and validity and has performance norms for persons ages 60 to 94. When you want to maintain your independence, it is important to know your current functional fitness level and develop your activity plan accordingly. Our therapists are here to help you do just that.

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