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Physical Therapy FAQs

FAQ- chiropracticWhat is a physical therapist?

Physical therapists are licensed by the state and are trained in treating musculoskeletal injuries and disorders, sports injuries, post-operative rehabilitation and massage therapy. They hold either a Master’s degree or Doctorate in physical therapy.

What is an occupational therapist?

Occupational therapists are licensed by the state and specialize in the treatment of the upper extremities and work injuries. The services provided by occupational therapists include patient education, joint range of motion, adaptive techniques, splinting and workplace evaluations.

What insurance do you accept?

We accept most PPO insurance policies. Call us with your insurance information and we will be happy to verify your coverage even prior to you scheduling an appointment.

Are the therapists Medicare Providers?

Yes, we are in-network with Medicare. Please call our office for details.

Do I need a referral from my doctor?

New laws allow patients to self-refer to a physical therapist. PPO insurances will cover physical therapy treaments without a prescription for 30 days or a total of 12 visits, whichever comes sooner. If continued treatment is required, it is the patient’s best interest to see a Chiropractor or MD for an examination and proper diagnosis. The will decide if you should continue physical therapy, receive diagnostic testing or refer you to another appropriate specialist. For patients with Medicare as their primary insurer, a prescription for physical therapy is required from a medical doctor in order for Medicare to pay for the services.

My doctor prescribed physical therapy but the form is for
another clinic. Can I still come to you?

Yes. You may go to the therapy clinic of your choice, regardless of where your doctor refers you.

What shall I wear?

You should wear or bring comfortable, loose-fitting clothing.

How long will the visit be?

Our therapy appointments are scheduled every 45 minutes. Most sessions run 45-60 minutes and are one-on-one with the physical therapist.

Will I work with the same therapist at each visit?

Yes, you will work with the same therapist at each visit and will be with that therapist for the entirety of your appointment. Since we are a small clinic, we are able to provide a high level of personalized care and this is one way that we do just that.

What happens at the first visit?

There will be some discussion about your health history and your current condition on the first visit. The therapist will evaluate your current problem, work with you to set goals for your therapy, and outline a treatment plan that will help you reach those goals.

How many visits can I receive?

Each insurance policy is different. We will verify your coverage prior to you beginning therapy and explain everything in advance. Please contact our office for more information on your specific situation.

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