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orthotics-pictureOrthotics are custom made, semi-rigid orthotic devices that fit inside your footwear to decrease pain, improve biomechanical deficits, and reduce overuse injuries by improving lower limb alignment. Poor alignment of the foot and ankle can have negative impacts on the knees, hips, and even spine. With improved alignment and better biomechanics, pain is often reduced in many areas.

Our highly skilled physical therapist, Karen Still, will perform a thorough physical evaluation and gait analysis to determine one’s orthotic needs. Plaster casts of each foot held in proper alignment are molded and sent to an off-site laboratory for fabrication. Within just a couple of weeks, durable custom orthotics are delivered and fitted with any necessary modifications for maximum benefit for years to come! Orthotics are most effective when worn in conjunction with a customized physical therapy plan and are covered by most insurance policies.

If you struggle with back, foot, or lower extremity joint pain, please schedule an appointment to see if shoe orthotics are the solution for you!

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