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Meet Dr. Charles Bissell, Chiropractor: Owner of Bissell Clinic

The Beginning of a Passion

Dr. BissellDr. Charles Bissell personally experienced chiropractic care’s personally experienced the extraordinary healing benefits of chiropractic care. When he was 13 years old, he sustained a back injury from a hockey accident. He saw a chiropractor and had amazing results. He was back to the sport he loved in no time!

Several years later while taking an Anatomy Class in College, I was fascinated with how the body worked and knew that I wanted to work in the healthcare field. I wanted to help other people with back pain.


Growth Through Education

Dr. Bissell began his academic career at Santa Barbara City College where he was awarded the Student of the Year Award for Anatomy. He then continued on to West Coast University to study the sciences in Los Angeles. Dr. Bissell was then accepted at Palmer Chiropractic College in San Jose where he received his doctorate. Palmer is the world’s oldest and most respected chiropractic college. In fact, D.D. Palmer discovered chiropractic in 1895.

The chiropractic curriculum at Palmer is much like medicine. Much of the early years are exactly the same type of classes that all physicians take including advanced anatomy, physiology, microbiology, public health, diagnosis, x-ray, and others. Chiropractors also learn about the safe and effective adjusting techniques and other natural methods of improving health like nutritional counseling.

Dr. Bissell also holds the following certifications; Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, Radiography Supervisor and Operator, State of California, National Board Certified Chiropractor and Independent Disability Evaluator, State of California. Dr. Bissell has been in continuous practice in Santa Barbara, California since 1995 and remains active in the community. He is a member of the California Chiropractic Association and has served two terms as President of the local chapter.

Dr. Bissell served as a strength and conditioning specialist as well as a sports medicine adviser for a variety of local institutions, including Santa Barbara City College. He also served as a team doctor for the AVP, and USA Triathalon teams.

I have been going to Dr. Bissell for a good 25 years now and I have always had a very good experience during my visits. I do a regular monthly back adjustment now which keeps me feeling better and allows me to get through my workday dealing with horses and lifting heavy things. So my thanks to Charlie for helping me with this and everything over the years!”

Barbara W.

Outside the Office

When not joyfully caring for his patients, you might find him sharing time with his family and friends, enjoying the healing qualities of the beach and mountains, or playing golf.

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