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Will Exercise "undo" My Adjustment?


Can I exercise

after an


Absolutely! We get this question all the time and want everyone to know that exercise will not “undo” your adjustment; your spine is designed to move. Actually staying in one position for an extended period is more detrimental for your spine. If you go “out of alignment” shortly after your adjustment, it is because of bad muscle memory, not exercise. The corrective process of chiropractic takes time and this occurrence means that your body is not in balance and requires more work. Most likely, you have unusually tight muscles in one area that are “pulling” your vertebrae out of alignment. Or you may have hypermobile ligaments or weakness in certain muscles whose job it is to hold the spine erect and in proper alignment. Chiropractic adjustments “retrain” the muscles and ligaments around your spine and over time, these structures will create a new memory, one that keeps your spine properly aligned.




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