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Breaking Down The Mind-Body Connection

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Let’s face it – stress is inevitable. But what happens when stress in our life begins to take an effect on our body? This begins the idea of “mind-body connection” and how we can use the power of our mind to heal our body.

After working for years as a neurosurgeon in New York, Dr. John Sarno discovered firsthand that there is a mental component to the body’s healing process. In his book “Healing Back Pain” Dr. Sarno explores the mind-body connection and teaches his reader that bringing stress to conscious awareness is a vital step in the healing process. Dr. Bissell has read Sarno’s book multiple times throughout his career and along with recommending it to his patients, he uses Dr. Sarno’s practices to help his own patients.

Years of experience working with patients have taught Dr. Bissell that he can foster a mind-body connection in his patients by asking the right questions regarding their stress levels and lifestyle as it relates to their pain. Whether or not it is clear to our patients at the time of their injury, we believe there is always a psychological component to injury and the healing process. Our job is to help our patients better understand how their body functions and through that bring awareness to how stress affects their health.

Here’s how you can become more aware of the stress you might be experiencing unconsciously. When we’re more aware, we can lead happier, healthier lives-naturally!

Focus on Awareness

Next time your back pain flares up or your feet begin to ache, focus on your mindset. Ask yourself what your stress level was in the days or weeks leading up to injury. Almost always, there is a clear emotional component to our physical pain that too often gets overlooked. Stress with personal relationships, family, and work cause us to neglect our health and make us more susceptible to pain and injury. Once we can identify these triggers and bring them to conscious awareness, we have the power to control them.

What you put in is what you get out

Take account of what you are watching, reading and how you are spending your free time. Just like with diet, what you consume from your environment affects your overall health. Instead of mindlessly scrolling through social media or inundating your morning with negative news, make time in your schedule for healthy habits such as a daily walk or guided meditation, a phone call with an old friend, or finally picking up that book you have been meaning to read (we recommend “Healing Back Pain” by Dr. John Sarno!)

Stay on Top of It

Along with eating right and incorporating daily stretches and regular exercise, we recommend regular chiropractic care to improve your mind body connection. Taking the extra time to care for your body now will save you time and pain in the future. Call us today to schedule your appointment!

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