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Dr. Bissell Answers Your Questions On Chronic Pain

man headache on bedAt Bissell Clinic, we often see patients who have been dealing with long-term chronic pain. But what exactly is it? Can you overcome pain that’s become so engrained into your daily life?

According to Dr. Bissell-you absolutely can-especially with the help of focused chiropractic care. Dr. Bissell explains how below!

Question 1: What is chronic pain?

Chronic pain is any sort of body ache or pain that’s persisted for several weeks or longer. Typically, chronic pain is a result of dysfunction occurring in the body. We recently welcomed a patient into our care who was 63 years old, and had been having back pain for more than 27 years!

Question 2: What can be done to treat chronic pain?

The first step in dealing with this is always to try and figure out the true root cause of the person’s pain generator. If someone has been dealing with back pain on and off for years, we need to understand and address the underlying issue so that we can determine what type of treatment would be best to help them. For the patient mentioned above, we sent them out for an MRI and ended up finding several bulging discs. From there, we were able to develop a custom care plan to address his chronic pain.

Question 3: Is a multi-modality approach always required?

Not necessarily. It depends on the person, the chronicity, and what the injury is–for example, if someone has discogenic pain we’d likely use multiple modalities. We might start with electrical stimulation to help loosen up the tight muscles and get rid of inflammation, then we would finish with decompression which is designed to heal the discs. For others, physical therapy may be recommended to help strengthen weakened areas so they don’t become problematic again. We’re also able to incorporate advanced Shockwave Therapy to help break up long-term adhesions that have formed. From there we’ll stabilize the area and focus on strengthening for future success.

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