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Guide to Using Wellevate to access Bissell Clinic's Supplement Portal

Wellevate QR Code

Step 1

Scan the QR code below or visit to sign up for an account at Bissell Clinic’s personalized supplement dispensary.

Step 2

You will receive a welcome email from Wellevate to the email address that you provided when you made your account. Please click the “Accept Invitation” button in the body of the email.

Step 3

If you know the names and forms of the supplements you’d like to order, you can search them by clicking the “Shop Products” tab on the top menu bar on the home page. Because you get a discount when buying supplements through our dispensary, you will see the reduced price on the products you search as well as those you add to your cart.

wellevate 1
If you are interested in having supplements recommended to you based on your unique health status and goals, please call our office to make an appointment for evaluation with Dr. Bissell. Dr. Bissell will discuss factors specific to your health goals that will influence his personalized recommendations for you. This may include lifestyle, diet, age, health conditions, prescription medications, and current supplements, among others.

Once Dr. Bissell recommends these supplements to you, they will appear in your portal on our dispensary’s website.
wellevate 2

Here, recommendations will include dosage, form, and instructions about when and how (with or without food, etc.) to take the supplement(s) recommended to you.


And there you have it! We chose to create this supplement dispensary because we feel passionate about preventative and conservative healthcare. The supplement industry is largely unregulated meaning that products are not under nearly as much scrutiny as pharmaceutical products in terms of quality and contents. Therefore, by making recommendations through our supplement dispensary, we are able to ensure that our patients receive the highest-quality supplements for safety and maximum benefit. We also offer a 20% discount on all products when you order through our portal.

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