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Scoliosis and Bissell Clinic

What is scoliosis?

curved spine overlay on backIn simple terms, scoliosis is a sideways curve of the spine. This condition is often discovered in childhood or adolescence and is often identified visually. If a person is diagnosed with scoliosis and is still growing, it’s important to monitor the degree of curvature over time to determine if the scoliosis is worsening.

How can scoliosis be identified?

Visually, symptoms of scoliosis include uneven protrusion of the shoulder blades or of one side of the back with forward bending, uneven shoulders or waist, or uneven protrusion of the ribcage on one side.

X-rays can definitely diagnose patients with scoliosis and can identify the degree of curve.

How can Bissell Clinic help?

If you think you may have scoliosis or are having symptoms such as unilateral back pain or stiffness, we recommend that you book an appointment for evaluation with Dr. Bissell. Based on your medical history, physical exam, and symptoms, Dr. Bissell will determine if you’re a good candidate for an x-ray to evaluate possible scoliosis.

If you have already been diagnosed with scoliosis, we have a few options for you in our clinic. Chiropractic adjustment can help in easing the symptoms and misalignments associated with scoliosis. However, we recommend physical therapy as the most effective treatment to create long-term progress. Working with a skilled physical therapist who is informed about your specific case of scoliosis allows for the targeted treatment at the spinal levels most affected by your scoliosis. Physical therapy work will include strengthening and shoring up the muscles opposite of your curve as well as releasing muscular tension on the side of your curve.

If you have any questions about navigating treatment for scoliosis, we are here to help! Early, effective intervention is key and we are more than happy to get you started on the right path.



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